Halong bay travel: Exploration schedule bay

Halong bay is a favorite tourist destination and always mentioned when traveling in the Northern Vietnam, not only for Vietnamese but also for international travelers. Traveling to Halong bay, visitors can admire the majestic beauty that nature has bestowed on this place, with many natural islands floating on the sea with mysterious sparkling caves besides the beautiful beaches, romantic and simple rustic fishing villages.

There are many travel and entertainment activities in Halong bay such as yachting, kayaking or rowing boat – this is a very popular activity for visitors when you come here, you can also squid fishing, scuba diving,… lots of activities. Guests can spend 2 days/1 night or 3 days/2 nights to explore the bay. Listed below are some of the top experiences in Halong bay that you will try on the schedule to explore the bay with some suggestions overnight cruises below

Select cruise to explore Halong bay

Luxury night cruises in Halong bay such as Starlight cruise, Paradise Elegance Cruise, Dragon Legend cruise, Dragon Pearl Junk…, most of which come from Tuan Chau port and Hon Gai port. Each ship has its own beauty but the thing is in common: the crew on the ship is very friendly, thoughtful and looking forward to give travelers a wonderful holiday when they accompany with cruise. So there are so many choices, you can refer to here.


A fascinating schedule to explore Halong bay, such as limestone cave tours, kayaking through Luon Cave, swimming in Titop, taking part in onboard activities such as cooking class, Taichi in the early morning, watching look up dawn, … a lot of activities will give you great moments.

Sung Sot Cave – the first highlight on Halong Bay


Sung Sot is a large and beautiful cave of the Halong bay. The road to the cave is beneath the forest and the stone steps. Guests will feel like climbing and standing in front of the cave look down to see the beautiful Halong bay. The cave is divided into two main compartments, the ceiling is covered with a layer of velvet “velvet carpet“, the countless “hanging lamps” with glittering stalactites glittering, visitors can imagine a lot of shapes. Different elephants, seals, dragons, flowers, etc. All seem to be moving in a magical world. You will enter the 2nd compartment with a small, wide walkway that can hold thousands of people, right next to the entrance is a stone horse and a long sword.

Enjoy the natural beauty of the islands on Halong bay


You sit on a relaxed sundeck and enjoy a cocktail, watching the beauty of the islands while the boat goes slowly, this will be an unforgettable experience difficult to find elsewhere.

Kayaking to explore Halong Bay

Some sport activities to try when visiting Halong bay is kayaking. Discovering the hidden corners of the bay is an interesting challenge, such as exploring the cave.


Note: You should put your yacht back up to avoid getting wet, wearing a life jacket. You can carry your camera, phone to save beautiful moments but remember to bring them in the waterproof case.

Swimming in beautiful beaches


The activity that is indispensable in overnight cruises is swimming beach. This is the moment for you to relax, rest after a long day exploring the bay.

Moved from Ha Noi to Halong Bay

You will not have to worry about moving, touring you booking from travel companies, they will have the means to pick you up and away, most by car.

Why travel Halong Bay by booking tours?

You can travel self-sufficient but the time to explore the bay will be very short, usually go and return the day. Therefore, traveling on Halong bay on overnight cruises with longer schedules will help you discover and have more experience in Halong.

 If you are planning a trip to Halong or other places in Vietnam, let us accompany you.

I wish you a great trip.



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